The American Dream

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The definition of the “American Dream” is vastly different among age groups. In the past the “American Dream” was the dream to own a home, have a happy family, and live out your lives in content. For some it was the opportunity to move to a new country, have a stable job, and have the ability to provide for your family. As a millennial I have seasoned the “Great Recession”, inflation of the costs of living, and the social stigmas placed everyday against those my age. Those contributing factors lead me to believe that my generations definition of the “American Dream” is quite the opposite of the elder generations. The data showing that millennials have been stagnant to adopt homeownership, I believe, are completely accurate. Many of us were children or teenagers whilst operating through the Great Recession. Watching our parents lose jobs, homes, and wages, continues to be a disappointment to this day. My parents worked hard to provide a stable home, bed, education, and meals for my family- I know this was the same for many others. Growing up, we were always told “if you work hard enough you’ll achieve your goals”, “if you get a well paying job you can provide for your family”, “if you get a job in high-school, you can pay for college”, ect. That was the American Dream, having your hard work paid off, so that you are able to live a comfortable life. Witnessing my parents work hard, have well paying jobs, with good educations, and yet still losing our home, vehicles, and

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