The American Dream

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The American Dream has been a prominent idea in American society for a very long time. It says that anyone, from any class, religion, race or background can achieve a good job, a home, car and family through only their hard work. As time has passed, the American Dream fades further and further from reality and the large gap between people of all kinds is becoming commonly known. In 2011 the first large scale movement, Occupy Wall Street, that showed that Americans were conscious of the economic inequalities in the country and the world. People protested the “1%”, the top group of wealth owners in the country, and aimed for equality. The media even started to show the inequality between the 1 percent-ers and the rest of the population. The gap between the mega-rich and the rest clearly exists, but people rarely talk about the gap between gender, races, and all the inequalities at all levels of wealth. It is important to understand that a wealth gap does exist between the rich and everyone else but also to see that inequality is prevalent at all levels of wealth or understand why these disparities occur. Throughout history, wealth in the very richest of their societies has been spread differently and different levels of shares for all of society. While there will always be those few individuals who have billions of dollars, there is large scale growth in America of a small group who holds a large percentage the total income in the country. In 1920s America saw a rise in the

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