The American Dream In The 1700's

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Alongside with the previous theme, Franklin was very ambitions with the outlook and concept for a greater America. America in the 1700's was not quite developed as a nation yet, but it has become more than just the original cluster of thirteen colonies in the East. People during this time, as they start developing their legal systems, are debating on what kinds of rights they want and think they need. Many people had their own opinions, but Franklin's opinion favored more toward developing communities into a stronger and thought-out civilization. This autobiography shows an America with opportunity and idealized thinkers with a budding start of the American Dream. Franklin lives in Philadelphia for the majority of the book but he doesn't quite…show more content…
he focused more toward the invested of industrializing the city to his own admiration. "I had the whole abundant Reason to be satisfied with my being established in Pennsylvania. There were, however, two things that I regretted: There being no Provision for Defense, nor for a complete Education of Youth. No Militia nor any College" (Franklin, 84). This city-state, to which Franklin feels should get much attention for its uprise, favors this unpopular opinion, especially since at this decade, the military was one of the main importances of America. While our nation is creating a strong defensive territory, he's also making sure that what we are defending and what we are defending from are both merely imperative, as of our education.

In Benjamin Franklin's viewpoint, education isn't something that is forced or pushed onto you if you don't want to; it's a job, it's an opportunity and a privilege. This is what today's society is much into with the idea of high education; if you don't want to do it, you don't have to, or you can receive a form of qualification or training in a field of study. Thus for Franklin, education is a
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Personally, I've read many biographies and autobiographies for my own enjoyment where individuals have similar qualities to Benjamin franklin including Eleanor Roosevelt and her strive for equality and education, Nelson Mandela, for his kindness, wit and humor, Gandhi for his positive ambition, and Abraham Lincoln for his equal rights. But one individual whose biography I've read is titled His Excellency: George Washington was written by Joseph J Ellis, which became a national bestseller and beautifully written, lively, serious and an engaging outlook on George Washington important and challenging life. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington lived merely in the same 18th century lifetime, thus with a 26-year age gap, which allowed them to have a mutual relationship during their course of Washington's presidency. They truly were friends with a warm and durable relationship. They had active correspondence up until the time Franklin got ill and passed away at the end of the century. Franklin was one of the few people who Washington sought out for guidance
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