The American Dream Is A Goal, Hope, And / Or Plan For The Future

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The American Dream is a goal that is specific to and can only be achieved in America. A dream is defined as a goal, hope, and/or plan for the future. In this case, this dream is only available for people living in the United States of America. In America, there are more jobs, a good education system, and the country is safer than most. Also, America says to have equal rights for women which is not always the case in other countries. All of these things attract people who do not have access to them which makes America a very desirable place. The American Dream is different for everyone and changes over time. Generation after generation, the American Dream has evolved into what it is today. The discovery of North America was the start of the American Dream. Citizens of England were fed up with King George III and how he ruled the country so they left to America where they could start a new life. This relates to the American Dream today when we see how people are leaving their home countries to come to America to make a new life for themselves that was not offered where they were. On August 18 of 1920, women got the right to vote in America. They were the 7th country in the world to allow this so the American Dream grew more to include this. In the 1950’s, America started to become more materialistic. “Car ownership, television ownership,...and the intent to send one’s kids to college,” This grew to most of the population in the 1970s having a credit card and . Overtime, the

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