The American ( Food ) Revolution

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Jaehun Lee
Summer Reading Essay

The American (Food) Revolution
Medical Experts are divided on whether or not the government should increase regulation on fast and processed foods.
Remember those days when Thanksgiving dinners were a family affair? When the whole family went to the supermarket and bought turkey, ham, potatoes, and all of the raw ingredients needed to make every dish? When the whole family worked together to make a Thanksgiving meal to be shared by everyone? Today, this is becoming less of the trend. But the reason most definitely is not because Americans are not celebrating Thanksgiving; rather, it is because buying pre-made meals from chains has become the trend, which essentially eliminates the family aspect of Thanksgiving. We buy everything pre-made: the Boston Market’s Thanksgiving platter, Star Market’s pre-cooked and carved turkey and ham, frozen stuffing at Shaw’s, etc. Today, many families have chosen the path of convenience when it comes to eating, which is evident when the Boston Market reports that its “Heat and Serve” Thanksgiving platters’ sales have gone up 20% in sales from 2011 to 2012. This preference for convenience when it comes to eating is also evident with today’s thriving fast food industry.
Every day, about 25% of the American population eats some sort of fast food, says Eric Schlosser in a CBS news interview. Annette Clausen of the Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service found that Americans spend 10% of their

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