The American Fur Company

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How did the environment of the American Fur Company change in the 1830’s? What deep historical forces are implicated in these changes?
The American Fur Company:
The American Fur Company was founded by John Jacob Astor in 1808. The company grew to monopolize the fur trade in the United States by 1830, and became one of the largest businesses in the country.
In early 1830’s it seemed nothing could slow Astor. But this environment suddenly changed for fur companies. Although the American Fur company was still competing with other Fur companies, unfavorable trends were building that would bring it down.
Factors Effecting Fur Companies Environment: A. Demand for beaver start falling due to change in fashion trend of beaver hat
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By the Standards of Today:
By analyzing the treatment received by the stakeholders of the fur industry in the 19th century with the modern world standards, we come to know that they were treated highly unethically.
As they crushed the competition and exploited the workers monopolize the markets so these all thing are highly unethical according to the today’s standards and there are proper laws regarding these unethical activities and whoever performs such activities are charged with fines and punishments.
Question#05: On balance, is the legacy of the American fur company and of the fur trade itself a positive legacy? Or is the impact predominantly negative?
American Fur Company and the Fur trade itself is a sort of positive legacy with all its faults and shortcomings. It was in fact the main actor in the global industry with enormous geopolitical power. It marked the trails that were followed by the settlers. It is very true to say that American Fur Company and the Fur trades were the pathfinder of the civilization. “Civilization which was slowly mastering the opposition of nature and barbarism” the trading posts build by them were later appeared thriving towns and cities. They were the pioneers of many business models like capitalism applied in this modern world globally. The Fur business expanded because of the innovative and critical thinking of its owner. Even with all such advantages and
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