The American High School System Handicaps Its Students

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The American high school system handicaps its students academically. High school lacks the academic tools to properly prepare high school students for the college setting. Students who are accustomed to the high school teaching style will have a hard time adjusting to college educators. High school students most likely will be uncomfortable with a college educators strict rules during a course. Today, school students struggle with basic reading and mathematics. They aren 't challenging themselves in reading. High school students depend on the teachers to remind them of their assignments. Many high school will have developed poor study habits throughout their high school years. This will make their adjustment in college harder.

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Students are encouraged at a young age by parents and educators to plan well in advance for college and pressured to do great on a daily basis in school. Some high school students do not put forth enough effort to plan for college until their senior year. Some high school seniors think that because they make great grades they do not have to worry about getting into college. Other high school students plan and prep as if it is the only thing that is important.

Some claim high school actually prepares students for college. This is by my connections with peers, enrolling in challenging courses, and also indulging in extra curricular activities. While enrolling in high school class that is as challenging as a college course is a good option, many students do not push themselves to do such. If they did push themselves, they’re reading, writing, and mathematics levels would increase. Befriending high school peers can give students some insight as to how to properly prepare for college. Generally, high school students do not indulge in this form of information exchanging. Extra curricular activities could aid students in preparing for the busy schedule that comes with enrolling in college.

High school students lack the etiquette they need in the college setting. In high school, students depend on the teachers to give them their assignments and remind them on the assignments they need to complete. College professors assign the work

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