The American Legion 's Product Development By Implementing Social Media As A Marketing Tool

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Strategic Alternatives The few strategies that I suggest that the American legion begins to use are to attempt product development by implementing social media as a marketing tool. By using social media as a huge part of the marketing this allows the American Legion to see exactly how many people are viewing their ads. It also gives them the chance to customize who they exactly want to target. This can allow for less “old school” marketing such as magazines, post cards, newspapers, or ads which all of these allowed the Legion to waste of lot of money per year on them. As I have stressed many times throughout this paper, the net assets have been cut in over half in the last four years alone. They have high expenses and a lot of it was…show more content…
Strategy Choice and Rationale If the American Legion reached out to their competitors such as collaborating with the Wounded Warriors Project, Disables American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), or the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) would be effectively embracing trade-offs with offering something to other organizations as well effectively gaining something from other organizations as well. I would love to see the American Legion get together with all of these organizations, putting a large event on, have a few celebrities show up as well and really put the American Legion on the map and leveraging other outlets than just their own endeavors. Having a strategy of strategies is crucial especially at the tipping point of where the Legion is as a whole; in class we have discussed many great ideas as a small group of individuals with business mindsets, as outsiders and some from younger generations are able to put our twist on the Strategies of the American Legion and pinpoint both the strengths and weaknesses. The Legion needs to have a plan to execute these strategies and roll them out and act on them.
Strategy Implementation: Alignment Our course pack touches on the concept of “structure follow strategy” and then is quoted saying, “U.S. Corporations evolved over
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