The American Revolution

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As we all know there were many events that led to the American Revolution and many things changed over time. In this paper I will be looking at a couple of important documents and analyzing them in my own opinion. I will be looking at The American Promise that was talked about in chapter 6, the Virtual Representation of 1775, and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense document and lastly the Declaration of Independence. I will be giving my honest interpretation and telling how I think these documents affected us during the 1700’s. During the years of 1763 through 1775 there were a bunch of events that led to the conflict between colonial America and Great Britain. Great Britain at the time was becoming one of the strongest nations and was creating more land around the globe. When they were trying to expand their territory they needed a way to get funds to support this action. Without money or a steady income they wouldn’t be able to expand and become as strong as they planned. The Proclamation of 1763 was in favor of the British government. What this act did was keep the American colonists from going over the Appalachian Mountains and starting problems or arguments with the French and Native Americans who lived there. Basically what this established was boundaries between the thirteen colonies and the Mountains. This of course started small arguments with the colonists because they obviously wanted to expand and grow but they thought the British were keeping all the land to

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