The Ana Code Of Ethics

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Upon entering the hospital setting, a nurse must ruminate on his or her three obligations – client, peer, and society. While each of these three facets obtains a basis in the ANA Cold of Ethics, they retain diverse levels, types, and severity of obligations. In this case study, Sue, a staff nurse at Holy Christ Hospital, discovers herself in a dilemma between her obligations to a patient and her obligations to a colleague. Jessica, a colleague, miscalculated the insulin dosage of a patient and failed to check on their recovery, preceding the patient to become hypoglycemic. Sue remains conflicted on whether she should report the incident to the Doctor, or preserve her moral fidelity to her friend, as her friend requested that she does not report the incident.
A. Personally, I believe that the nurse retains an obligation of fidelity to the patient, but not to her colleague. The nurse’s obligation to the patient centers on advocacy, patient interest, and fidelity. As the ANA Code of Ethics (American Nurses Association, 2015, p. 12) declares, ”Nurses must be alert to and must take appropriate actions in all instances of incompetent, unethical, illegal, or impaired practice or actions that place the rights or best interests of the patient in jeopardy.” A nurse coexists as a protector for legal, well-being, and recovery jeopardy. When Sue became aware of Jessica’s mistake, she acquired an obligation to communicate her concerns to Jessica, as she did. Sue maintains a legal,…
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