The Anasazi Research Paper

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The Anasazi were a Native American people who were the ancestors of another group called the Pueblos. The Anasazi are a group that first started in 300 A.D. to 1500. They stayed in what today called is the four corners. ( Where the states Utah, Colorado, , Arizona, and New Mexico meet). The name Anasazi is not used for often by the descendants . It is a Navajo word that is translated to “ ancestors of our enemies”. Anasazi society began as scattered settlements of farmers living in a small town called pueblos. In 1050 they were staying at Chaco Canyon in New York. They had more than one hundred villages. From studies archaeologist know that there were three classes. The elite class lived in the great houses of Chaco Canyon and had the most power. The class below the elites lived in the outlying great houses. The last class were the farmers who…show more content…
One of them was that they had very little water so they had to savor it. To savor their water they built artificial ponds and lakes. The Anasazi had many long droughts that really affected them. But luckily since it did not rain much their homes did not flood in the valleys. A twenty three year long drought was very bad. The drought lasted from 1276 to 1299 they had a drought. The drought was believed why they left in 1300. The Anasazi had many achievements but they were most known for their architecture. They were known for their villages because they had many cool features. They were also good at astronomy. They were very good at making good observations of the sky. They also had very good engineering skills. They were able to make dams , canals, and ditches to help with their fields. They are famous for how they built their houses. They were the best at the techniques they used. The were able to build their houses into or under cliffs. It was a very hard and long process. But eventually there hard work payed off and they had good homes that lasted them a long time

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