The Anchorage School District By Hanlon T

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I read an article written by Hanlon T. this article mainly focuses on the anchorage school district. A majority of Anchorage Schools with some of the brightest students, scoring above average on the standardized test draw their student from near wealthier neighborhood like South Anchorage, Hillside, and Girdwood. The exact opposite was true for poor neighborhoods. Neighborhoods were most of the families relied on government aid had students who had some of the worst scores in math and language arts, the two subject on the test. When a closer look was taken at Bay Shore high school which is located on a wealthy neighborhood and airport height high school in poor neighborhood. The students in the upper grades took the test, the percentage …show more content…

We can also predict, kids that are learning English for the first time face a lot of pressure to compete with kids that who’s first and only language is English. These article was a magazine so it was meant for regular readers who were concerned about the issue. The main goal for the article was to educate and inform the readers about this issue of how standardized test is closely linked to wealth. The article flows smoothly and can be easily understood by anyone. This source greatly contributed to my understanding of the subject. I always knew there was a connection between how financially stable a student’s family is and that student performance in school, but I never knew connection was so strong. I would greatly benefit from adding this article in my paper because it supports in answering my thesis. There limitation about this source that you just see numbers of the study, they don’t explain what made them did the study to begin with.
The path to graduation can be long, unpredictable and quite confusing. This article “California Dropout Research Project” shows how the Los Angeles School District tried to explain what are the factors that come into to place that prevent certain student from graduating high school on time. Some of the factors are race, gender, and income. The chapter that mainly focuses on income indicates in order understand dropout crisis requires understanding the academic and

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