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Happy Endings”

A treatise of how one should savor and the development and growth of one’s life and follow beyond its structure to demonstrate the true meaning and purpose in life. Nothing is always the same, failure is a possibility of passing. Love has no boundaries and it appears to be the best thing that could ever happen to anyone.Magaret Atwood is the writer of “Happy Endings”. The story was published in 1983, by a Canadian collection known as “Murder in the dark”. Nowadays, some people will put up with almost anything to be in a relationship with another person. John and Mary were together and they both worked a good job. They both got an appealing house and Mary gave birth to two children who make her proud. They both have their …show more content…

Margaret shows a dramatic shift in her tone when compared to scenario A, they both have a challenging sex life.B produces slightly stencils approach. The characters have a descriptive sex life, which stated “he f**** her and she falls asleep” (P327). The vulgar diction was a cycle while John uses Mary 's body for selfish pleasure and ego gratification. Mary’s friends could sense what was going on and stated that, “John is a rat, a pig and a dog, he isn’t good enough for her, but she can’t believe it” (P327) Their approach in the story was then altered dramatically.

This story reflects on my parents life style. My father was the same exact person like John and sometimes mom felt neglected and she would cry. I know what’s going on but I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut while I expressed my gratitude and kindness. I love both of my guardian even though their lifestyle isn’t the best. At times I’m in my room and they would be screaming out loud at each other. I think in every relationship respects goes a far way because love is trust, it hurts sometimes, but if you and your loved one know how to work things out everything will be fine.

In “A” their was no adjective.The reader has to grasp the whole passage with a sense of derision. The story was highly read from sardonic and from a trying perspective. The story was lacking a single setting and a plot, each has the same characters, but different characteristics but they ended the same.

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