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The caption is haunting and have been floating around the internet captures poignancy of the moments probably sums up the realism of existence!
The final utterances of the boy at the tender age of 3 years before departing from this world surely alerts that encountering death is inevitable prospect of every human. Whilst death forms part and parcel of the cradle to grave cycle and consumes thousands every second of the day it also raises the question of the afterlife in store for humans.
Humans by virtue of endowed faculties are emplaced in the forefront of existence which set them apart in the animal kingdom and as upper echelon creatures the abilities to control their fates in many ways.
Yet humans have the tenacity to co-exist under …show more content…

Whilst religions have extended some insight, same time leaves a gaping hole on what really is in store for humans if afterlife truly exists. The world has witnessed great historical figures by exemplary lifestyles uphold humans` dignity of co-existence that extend only part of the deal at human level.
Yet history has also recorded a particular human who offers the other part of the deal which is continued existence beyond physical demise. The man called
Jesus Christ, unlike other propositions, show by examples how to be a perfect human. He sacrificed Himself for the sake of mankind; by His self-resurrection He has established His Divinity; by His ascension into Heaven He has given assurances of the new existence and by outpouring of His Holy Spirit He continues to be with us in Spirit … until time to join Him.
Statistically, 50% or so of the world`s believers in afterlife existence have yet to term up with Jesus Christ status as human and His status as God instead frolicking on other prospects of afterlife existence.
Yet, if the prophecies as recorded in the Bible hold true, then mankind is heading ever closer towards extinction. The fortunate ones are spared from witnessing the drama/spectacle of Armageddon by reason of their earlier departure from the world scene.
It all boils down to SINs that attach us to materialism and detach us from our
Creator. So, we argue about without realizing/appreciating the Ten

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