The And Of Adam 's Disorder

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Some sign’s of Adam’s disorder was that he was not babbling or making baby noises like other one-year-old babies, but would only make random noises with no intended or direct target. He also did not seem to want to be around or play with the other children, but was entertained just with his own sense of self and was not interested in very many things, such as toys or movies. If he was encouraged to broaden his interests, Adam would have extreme tantrums, and when he did play with toys he was entertained by them by odd and peculiar ways, and even demanded that the order in which he left his figurines, remain that way, referred to as stereotyped motor movement. He put these figurines in order based on certain characteristics. He ignored people other than his mother and really liked certain foods, while really hating other foods. He seemed to express himself about anything by throwing tantrums, that would often leave Adam hitting himself. All of these symptoms occur during very early childhood and are categorized with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some causal factors may have been that his older brother always spoke for Adam, therefore, limiting Adam’s chances to learn language. It also seemed that his parents were overly attentive to Adam, as his mother was scared every time he threw a tantrum, imagining the worst of why this could be. Also, the fact that his parents also became gravely concerned about their child’s uniqueness could have been a factor as they attempted to push

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