The And Of The Basement

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We decided to have Timmy open the door. That way, if the undead occupant of the basement was actually at the top of the stairs, we would be, hopefully, able to bring one or both of our weapons to bear. We hoped to push the zombie down the stairwell; and, if we were lucky, that would create the necessary trauma to the brain area to cause permanent death.
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," said Tim stoically with a knowing grin.
"Or the one," added Dean. I had no idea what they were talking about.
As the door swung out, we lunged into the breach. The stairs before us were empty. We could hear muffled sounds from the kitchen.
"Here zombie, zombie, zombie..." Dean called out, mimicking a master calling for his dog.
We could hear the dragging gait of our quarry as he passed through the kitchen door we had so carelessly left open. The shuffling sound was muffled by the occasional moan. As the walking dead came into view, my hands tightened on the wooden handle, my sweating palms making a sure grip nearly impossible.
At the foot of the steps, the monster looked down, confused. It was seemingly unable to comprehend how to continue. After a few moments, the zombie tentatively lifted its leg and awkwardly placed it on the first riser. Hand finding the rail it slowly began its ascent.
As the creature neared our position, I gained faith that our plan would work. I quickly wiped my hands on my pants and readied myself for the big push.
When he was still a…
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