The And Structure Of Uk Construction Industry

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In 1998, Sir John Egan identified five key drivers for change including “integrated processes and teams” (Egan, J 1998). Egan noted significant changes required to the culture and structure of UK construction industry to help improve the “relationships between companies”. Sir John Egan (Egan, J 1998). In a subsequent report issued in 2003, Egan suggested that the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) recommends integration of the project team as an enabler of change. The proposal from the OGC on the adoption of standard forms of contract that encourage such team integration and collaboration between the various parties would help eliminate the inherent adversarial culture deeply rooted in the construction industry (Egan, J 2003). In…show more content…
The Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) now incorporated a number of new features and contracts including the Term Services Contract (TSC), Professional Services Contract (PSC) and the Framework Contract (FC). In 2005 the government’s NAO report entitled “Improving Public Services Through Better Construction” singled out the new suite of NEC3 contracts for recommendation and confirmed that a number of organisations, including Highways agency, NHS Estates and the Environment Agency, now solely use NEC3 contracts within their framework arrangements (John, B. 2005). 2.4 NEC3 Family of Contracts NEC3 is suitable for procuring a devise range of Works, Services and Supply, spanning major framework arrangements through to minor works and purchasing of supplies and goods. All parties involved in the project delivery process can be employed under one of the “family” of integrated NEC contract forms which allows all parties to take benefit from the back-to-back contractual arrangements NEC3 can offer (Lewendon, R. 2006). The NEC3 family of contracts includes: • The Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) – (6 Options) • The Engineering and Construction Subcontract (ECS) • The Professional Services Contract (PSC) • The Framework Contract (FC) • The Adjudicators Contract (AC) • The Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC) • The Engineering and Construction Short Subcontract (ECSS) • The Engineering and Construction Term Services Contract (TSC) •
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