The And The Syrian Migrant Crisis Essay

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The nation of Hungary has had a troubled past. From allying with the “wrong” side in both World Wars, to being oppressed by the Soviet bloc, Hungary’s newly democratic government has the challenge of passing legislation that would benefit its citizens for the future, both near and far. In 2004, the Hungarian people, with approval from Brussels, joined the European Union. This event had unforeseen complications that would unveil themselves when the World’s overall security was questioned.
Within the last few years, the European Union has been faced with the unique challenge of determining how each nation should be handling the Syrian Migrant Crisis. Being on the border of the EU, Hungary has been bombarded with migrants seeking asylum in the EU’s member states. Brussels saw the large influx of migrants and proposed quotas, which in a very recent referendum, the Hungarian citizens rejected. Along with the threat to national sovereignty in the physical sense, many European Union economic policies have had a negative impact on the national economy of Hungary. The constraints and requirements placed on Hungarian business have not completely benefited the economy, like they have in other EU nations. Although not blatantly stated, the legislators in Brussels have made decisions that one could attribute to unfair treatment of Hungary and its people. This can be see especially when it comes to the respect of the Hungarian Government shown from the top leaders of the EU and their

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