The Apple Supplier Code Of Conduct

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The Apple Supplier Code of Conduct describes in detail the obligation of each supplier to provide safe working conditions, treat all employee decently, and practice environmentally responsible methods. Therefore, Apple 's supplier code of conduct has created substantial advancements since; the employee work conditions in Apple Chinese factory news released to the public of many violation human rights. The Apple corporations have made improvements to the Supplier to make the Apple suppliers accountable for their actions. However, the accountability of the vendor following all labor laws, making sure employee human rights not violated, requires safe and healthy work environment and empowering employees with the precise training and …show more content…

Apple developed a four-stage process to ensure that suppliers indicate that complying with Apple supplier code of conduct. However, the Apple team auditor will start by prioritizing using a risk-based procedure of the Apple guidelines to audit with the concentration on health and safety. Apple has educated accountants in extensive training on the protocols and procedures the auditor obligation for interviewing all employees, review payroll documents, physically accessing safety and health situations. However, the team of Auditor will access and inspect the environmental condition inside the factory and outside. The auditor will rate each facility on some points corresponding to the code of conduct. Next, if the supplier fails to make the correction, the examiners will need to address the issue of noncompliance through submitting a corrective action plan that necessity correction within two weeks of the audit. Therefore, the supplier will be increasing the standards, though an outline of the steps to find a solution to all issue the auditor identified need to report to auditor each thirty days following to 90 days of determining an answer and communicating with an Apple auditing team on the progress of a fix. Then, supplier correction plans not corrected the provider will extend for an extra 30 days. Therefore, when the provider remains

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