The Approaches To Speaking

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a. Approaches to Speaking The teaching of a productive skill, like speaking, is a vital part of any language education. Approaches to teach speaking have been changed noticeably during the time. The behaviorist approach, which is a traditional way of teaching, includes drilling, memorizing, answering and not questioning, checking and not correcting, individual learning, teachers are the sources and producers of knowledge, students are the recipients, and leaving no place for much thinking and understanding [1]. The Presentation, Practice, Production (PPP) is an approach based on behaviorist teaching [2, 3]. The PPP approach focused on accurate use of the grammatical forms taught at the Presentation stage. But very few students who finished their English courses were able to use their English to communicate adequately with others. …show more content…

This Task-based Learning (TBL) framework differs from the PPP approach because the focus on language form comes at the end [4]. The TBL approach is a subset of cognitivists and sociocultural approach [1, 5]. In cognitivists, the task is a means of carrying topics into classrooms, adding newly acquired knowledge by practicing it, and finally encouraging students to produce an output [1]. Finally, in sociocultural approach, the students try to learn and improve their speaking by social interaction with other students. In this approach, they interact with each other, the teacher, etc. This kind of interaction will help them construct new knowledge and then able to function on their own

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