The Argument Of Propaganda And Propaganda Techniques

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Crowd psychology is the fundamental idea behind the term propaganda. One of the most successful public relations influencers Edward Bernays wrote in his book “Propaganda”. ”If we understand the mechanisms and the motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” Many argue that propaganda is unethical due to the fact that it is a manipulation and control of the group mind. In this paper, I will be studying what makes propaganda ethical and compare the effective propaganda techniques that have been used in some of the most recent campaigns. Specifically, focusing on public relations campaigns in such as Always, Under Armour, and Dove" campaigns that have recently…show more content…
I believe some companies genuinely have a caring culture and they carry themselves with ethics. It is not only about the business side of things but actually how they can impact the humanity within the business. Also, consumers want to make a statement when they purchase a product or item. Purchasing or not purchasing is often the bigger statement that consumers are usually able to make. With such a huge communication platform it is very difficult to do the wrong thing and not be highlighted in the media. So I believe companies are looking more into creating positive and healthy reinforcements in their brands.
One of the most effective advertisement campaigns of 2016 according to "WARC 100" was one paid for by Always for women. The main initiative of this campaign was to change the stereotype of the saying "Like a girl". There is a certain stereotype that is portrayed in media and in Emojis which are the one the favorite ways of communication within females in present time. The Always campaign went on to win a UN award for impact on Women 's empowerment and over one million shares on the internet.
There were a few elements of this campaign that Always was able to capitalize on. One thing they were precise in reaching their target audience. They needed to impact a new generation of females that express themselves via the internet and were facing the challenge of negative stereotypes. Always took the stereotype
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