The Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution

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Prostitution, in a basic sense, is the act of receiving a payment, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for engaging in sexual activities. Within the article, “Legalizing Prostitution: Should prostitution be legal?” it denotes that this controversial occupation has been referred to as the world’s oldest profession. The statement’s truth is questionable, but it is undeniable that women, and men, have been prostituting themselves for centuries. Long ago, strong religious beliefs were the main reason that prostitution had been frowned upon, or outlawed altogether. In modern times, almost every state within our country has criminalized prostitution, with the exception of Nevada and Rhode Island. Within this thought-provoking article, it makes several indisputable points regarding the benefits of legalizing this act, which could be more benevolent than many might think. One of the most frequent arguments against the…show more content…
It states that prostitutes, or escorts, would be protected under the law if their occupation was no longer illegal. Currently, with their profession hidden in the shadows from the protection of law enforcement, prostitutes are at the mercy of their clients, and sometimes their “pimps.” Murder, rape, and other physical harm is a daily risk that they take just to earn money to survive in an economically-driven world (“Legalizing Prostitution”). This statement is irrefutable in the sense that the safety of prostitutes and escorts should be the primary focus of the legislature. Currently, physical abuse is rarely reported to the police because the prostitutes are already committing crimes. They let the harm go unnoticed in order to save themselves from self-incrimination. Decriminalizing prostitution will improve the safety of the participators from their clients and “pimps” by bringing them under the protection of
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