The Art of Acting

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The art of Acting has always evoked a sense of mystery in its execution—as if to understand how it works will somehow spoil an actor’s ability to create spontaneously and truthfully. Yet time and time again actors find themselves “blocked” and frustrated with unfulfilled performances because they choose not to acknowledge the creative freedom that comes with strong technique. The foundation of my philosophy is built on removing the common misconceptions about technique and instilling faith and trust in a healthy creative process. Since each and every actor is unique in their own right, it is unrealistic to make universal generalizations about the art of acting. However, I believe you can and should start with one universality—who and what an actor is—his/her artistic identity. Acting is an art form and actors should see themselves as artists—creators. I know this is neither a revolutionary or even original idea, but I believe when new actors have a greater sense of purpose for why they perform, then the result is they will also have a greater sense of confidence in their abilities to perform. For me, this is the first fundamental of acting—understanding the importance and artistic responsibilities that comes with being an actor— what I call “The Actor’s Purpose.” By first nurturing this philosophy, it will strengthen the actor’s artistic courage and aesthetics for future creation. The technique I teach originates in the belief that actors should be intelligent

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