The Assessment Of The Curriculum

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Assessment of the Curriculum
Camelia Gunn
June 20, 2016
EDUC 771
Liberty University

School districts everywhere within the United States have many legislated mandates and demands to produce students who are college, career and citizenship ready for the future. In order to meet the challenges that they face educators have been evaluating curriculum, methodologies and pedagogy. An urban school system within the south east portion of Virginia has uncovered the need to make changes to their Social Studies curriculum. These educators will need to establish a reliable streamlined process that will meet the needs and buy-in of their parents, teachers, librarians and administrators.

Changes are a part of life. The Bible tells us that for everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose in heaven (Ecclesiates 3:1, American Standard Version). Not many people like changes. Changes can be difficult especially in the world of education. Changes often take place in the midst of things already in the process. There are times that as an educator, it may seem that the design of the plan is being altered while the plane is in the air flying. Educators are stressed by the changes that are involved, which stress the students and then the parents and other stakeholders. However, there are situations that occur that mandates the need for changes to take place. The changes in curriculum would be a large change that affects all parties. The

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