The At The Age Of 7-11 Years Old

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The next stage is at the age of 7-11 years old. This stage is known as the concrete operational stage. This stage is when the children learn the idea of conservation. What is conservation? This is where you take two identical cups and pour the same amount of water into each of the identical cups. Then you ask the child which glass contains the most amount of water? The child will respond with the answer that bother glasses contain the same amount of water. Then right away without waiting grab a small fat glass and a tall skinny glass. Fill both of the glasses up with the identical glasses of the same amount of water in to the small fat glass and then the tall skinny glass. Ask the child now which glass contains the most amount of water. …show more content…

They now start to act like adults. Though Piaget was not one hundred percent right with children acting like adults. It was proven that children are indeed growing and maturing to start acting like adults but there is no specific age at which a child does mature into an adult. The picture you see above is a floor plan of how my preschool classroom would look it to best suit the learning of the children through what I have learned from Piaget. Piaget said that it is best for children to learn on their own, this classroom is spacious with many different stations so the children can learn on their own with the guidance of the teacher. I have many different centers which many teachers like to call this the center-learning classroom. My centers include a round table in the upper left corner for math and science. I also have the three round tables located in the center of the classroom for writing, reading and science based hands on. The student table that you see in the right side of the classroom is used as a game table for the students when they earn their free time along with the computers you see located on the left side of the floor plan. I put my desk on the top with an isle to display morning activities while the children are sitting on the square rug. I wanted this rug to be by my desk to ensure all kids are in the center away from anything that could be distracting. Throughout the classroom there are two circle rugs which

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