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The Australian Economy
During my lifetime the Australian economy has been one of the strongest and most consistent in the world. There are a multitude of factors that have led to this and allowed the Aussies to be in this position. One of them being steady GDP growth rates, averaging around 3.5% annually ( Australia has also benefitted from considerably low inflation and unemployment rates. With this mixture of GDP growth, low inflation, and unemployment, they consistently set themselves up to be one of the strongest economies in the region, as they ranked third in the ranking of regional economies ( Another reason for Australia’s ongoing success is primarily because of the growth in foreign demand of importing …show more content…

The country also exports more black coal than any other nation (History of the Minerals Industry).
The largest slice of Australia’s exports go to China, exporting around 31.6% of its total exports, making China Australia’s biggest benefactor to its economy (DFAT). Although the exports mainly consist of the titanic amount of minerals that Australia mines, China also imports large quantities of wool, another heavily traded commodity of Australia. One of the leading wool industries, the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has said “it is easier to sell fine wool for clothes to China than to traditional recession-hit markets in Europe” (The Economist - Hitched to the China Wagon).
The exportation of wool in conjunction with the exportation of minerals and ore to China makes China a strong partner with Australia when it comes to resource trading. China obviously is dependent on Australia’s exportations, making Australia’s relations with China a strength of the overall Australian economy. The Australian economy however, is clearly just as dependent on China’s demand for such commodities. Although Australia greatly benefits from China’s demand in its exports, Australia needs to make sure the trade relations between them don’t act as a crutch for the Australian economy. Recent studies and articles predict China’s demand for

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