The Awareness Of Children 's Perception Of Disabilities And The Resources Of Helping People With Disabilities Essay

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Nowadays, with the development of people’s perception of disabilities, the avoidance of this topic is on the decrease. Less and less parents are not eager to deny that their children could possibly have some kinds of disability when they were suggested to take a test by educator. In fact, more and more of them initiatively took their kids to the test center when they somehow realized their children might show a sign of any types of disabilities or did not achieve certain goals during their growing. We have learned various area of disabilities and the resources of helping people with disabilities. Advanced science and technology has made assistance by professional in special field the inevitable result of the social development and an essential part of the structure in modern society. Therefore, not only public support facilities and also the appropriate special education program shall arouse close public concern. For majority people with disabilities one of the most indispensable life experience is to enter the mainstream of society and realize one’s personal value, which promote the statues of positive spirit. The purpose of this essay is to illustrated how I have gain a deeper understanding of people with disabilities by interviewing Mr. Franco and doing research. For reaching the goals of look into the life of living with family members with disabilities, I interviewed Mr. Franco, who is a guardian of 17-year-old boy Miguel who has a dead/hard of hearing which is a
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