The Awful Possibility of Schools Cutting Athletic Programs Essay

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Schools everywhere give students opportunities to participate in sports by participating in athletic programs. With budget cuts, the administration is considering the possibility of eliminating all athletic programs. Admittedly, eliminating all athletic programs would save Lexington some money, but, on the other hand, it opens up opportunities for students who might not have a chance elsewhere. In fact, it has been proven that students who were involved in sports as teenagers are healthier as adults. Furthermore, school sports help kids bond and, moreover, show school spirit. The fact remains, athletic programs continuously show improvement in students more than weaknesses in the school. Athletic programs create opportunities for …show more content…

Nobody denies cutting athletic programs will help with budget problems, but if people, like the First Lady, are saying our country’s health is important, then the administration should create an alternative solution. The children and students in the world today will define the country in the near future; therefore, eliminating those athletic programs will cause a devastating blow for the future of America. Moreover, if Lexington’s administration believes in ruining the future of America, then they should vote to remove school athletic programs. In conclusion, without school athletic programs, Lexington could ruin students’ health not only today, but also in the future. School athletic events have always been a place students can show school spirit and bond together. First, school athletic events are a place where students come together and cheer on their school not only to support the team, but also to show other schools that Lexington Local School is bonded together. An example of this was shown during a girls’ soccer OCC tournament; many students came and cheered on the girls throughout the whole game. Not only did they cheer in the stands, but after the winning goal was scored during a shoot-out the entire student section ran down to the middle of the field to help Lexington’s girls soccer celebrate. In that moment the students bonded together and showed the other school that Lexington, as a unit, won, displaying school spirit. Without athletic

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