The, Bambi, And The Rest Of Humankind Perspective

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Like any other day in October, Bambi entered her classroom thinking that she would have to turn in her homework for the day and listen to the teacher boring lecture like always. The only interesting class of her day these days was history because of the recent news. Recently, haunted looking ghosts you can say have gone to different cities all around the world and kidnapping what it seems “special” people. These special people some spark in them versus others. In other words, you can say that these people had some sort of talent or specialty in them. Nobody is sure why they need these specific humans like us, but all we can say is that it 's probably not for a good reason. At least that 's in mine, Bambi’s, and the rest of humankind…show more content…
With all of this happening all of a sudden, Bambi didn 't even realize that a peculiar ghost named Charlotte Rosemary was approaching her that very minute. “Well, well, well, who do I have here now?”, said Charlotte wickedly. Bambi gulped, not knowing what to say and said frighteningly “ Um, why are you coming towards me?! Stop where you are!” Claudette mischievously replied “ Isn 't it obvious enough of why I might just want to come to you darling?” and she hysterically laughed. Bambi started to calm herself down and tried to grasp everything about what had just happened. She glared at Claudette confidently, trying to not show fear and said “Who do you think you are? You can 't just come and take people away from here like they 're your pets and think that you can just pull it off like that! I can not believe that you and your ghost friends are not ashamed of yourselves!” Bambi started puffing and tried to catch her breath after realizing that she had just said all of that in one breath. Claudette got shocked. She cleared up her voice and said “How dare you! You think what I am doing is wrong, don 't you? Well, then I challenge you to stop me and if you can 't then well, I think we all know what 's going to happen.” Regardless of what had just happened, Bambi was surprisingly still on her feet. She studied her

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