The Barbie Birthday By Alison Townsend And Let Women Fight By Megan M. Mackenzie

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The two essays, The Barbie Birthday by Alison Townsend and Let Women Fight by Megan H. Mackenzie, talk about women and girls in today’s world. Both essays focus on the depiction of females, but at different points in their life. The Barbie Birthday talks about the author as a little girl and her excitement of receiving a Barbie from her future stepmother. The story is vague, which help account for the several prompts questioning the piece. The other essay, Let Women Fight, speaks of the restrictions placed on women serving in the U.S. Military. The piece is quite longer than The Barbie Birthday, but it still allows for the prompts to be answered. These prompts focus on what the essay has left out, which claims have no evidence, and what…show more content…
She includes quotes from men and senators, but as an article that is meant to allocate women the right to fight, military women should have been referred to much more. While it is important to have the facts she listed, actual, multiple first-hand experiences would have made the article stronger. In addition, the author leaves out the opinion of men currently in the military. As changing of the combat regulation will affect men as well, more military men should have been quoted. While the piece does a good job of getting across the point, a few extra sentences would have done a lot.
Equally important to leaving information out, the essays sometimes put forward claims with no evidence. The story The Barbie Birthday has several of these instances. At one point the author mentions, “All Barbie had to do was glance back once and I followed, casting my lot with every girl on every block of America, signing on for life” (Townsend 265). While it may have only been a hyperbole, stating that every girl in America was obsessed with Barbie has no evidence and is clearly untrue. Also, the author also mentions how the Barbie lead her back into the world (Townsend 265). Alison Townsend failed to tell the readers how a lifeless doll had this impact and what she actually meant by that statement.
Let Women Fight is also guilty of stating claims without evidence. At one point the author says, “To put it bluntly, there are physically fit, tough
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