The Baroque Concerto Essay

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The Baroque Concerto

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Thus, in Italy the word “concerto” in its earliest form, was not a term only for purely instrumental music, but rather one for mixed groups of voices and instruments together. The concerto then evolved into something rather different than what it was first considered. It’s evolution turned into something in which both display and virtuosity soon assumed an ever-increasing dominance (Anderson 13).

Emergence of the Concerto
The concerto emerged as a distinct genre in the year 1700 (Hutchings 15). However if it was in the early beginning or towards the end of the year, historians cannot agree on. This was the year that the concerto spread outwards from Italy into the court and church orchestras of German-speaking States. The concerto had been the first orchestral form to be composed precisely for the most popular modern service of serious music, the orchestral concert (Hutchings 15).

Corelli’s only set of concertos was his Opus number 6. This set contained twelve concerti grossi for strings. That work of Corelli’s was published the year after his death in 1714, in the city of Amsterdam (Anderson 4). “The formal structure of Corelli’s concertos is clearly and effectively organized, giving what the French writer Marc Pincherle described as a new ‘harmonious coherence’ to the various voices of the texture (Anderson 5). The way Corelli organized his concerti
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