The Basic Function Of The Hydraulic System

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As we know that there is increase in population and due to this there is a very high demand of vehicles. As the sales of cars and bikes are increasing there is a shortage of parking spaces. People park their cars on road, which causes very long traffic jams and due to this common man faces a lot of problems. So we came up with what was called “Multilevel Parking”.
Its sounds pretty cool, but the main problem was how are we going to achieve it?
We build track through the building for the vehicles to take them on different parking level, which will cost more and will not be for generations.
Another solution was using Hydraulics, motors and electric system to take the cars to different level and it will last much longer.

Why to Use
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Automated multi-level car parking is less expensive because they use the volume but less ground area than a conventional facility with the same capacity would use. Both automated parking system, automated car parking system protects the environment by saving emissions from the car while the driver searches a parking space.

Automated Hydraulic car parking system

How Automated parking System Work
Automated car parking system using a similar type of technology to use the package for mechanical handling and document retrieval.
The driver leaves the car inside the system/parking lot with the help of equipments (like sensors) the vehicle is parked in an assigned area. Hydraulic lift or Mechanical jack is used to move the vehicle to higher or lower levels of the parking for proper parking. The vehicle can be moved vertically in the parking (up down) and horizontally (left or right) until the car needed again. When the vehicle is required, the process is reversed and the transport car raises the vehicle again to the same area where the driver left. In some cases, a turntable be used to position the car so that the driver comfortable drive away without saving the need. The car parking system uses hydraulic lifters for this purpose.

Over the years, the parking system and accompanying technologies have increased and diversified. Car parking
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