The Basic Function Of The Hydraulic System

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As we know that there is increase in population and due to this there is a very high demand of vehicles. As the sales of cars and bikes are increasing there is a shortage of parking spaces. People park their cars on road, which causes very long traffic jams and due to this common man faces a lot of problems. So we came up with what was called “Multilevel Parking”.
Its sounds pretty cool, but the main problem was how are we going to achieve it?
We build track through the building for the vehicles to take them on different parking level, which will cost more and will not be for generations.
Another solution was using Hydraulics, motors and electric system to take the cars to different level and it will last much longer.

Why to Use Hydraulics?
The basic function of the hydraulic system is the ability to force or torque multiplication to apply in a simple manner, regardless of the distance between the input and the output, without the need for mechanical transmission or lever, either by varying the effective areas of two connected cylinders, or the effective shift between a pump and motor. Normally, the hydraulic conditions with a mechanical force or torque ratio for optimum machine design as boom movements and track drives are combined for an excavator.

Automated Parking System A car-parking system is a mechanical device that increases parking capacity of a parking space as compared to a traditional parking lot. This is often termed as “multi-level parking”.
These kinds of…

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