The Battle Of The Attack Of Pharmaceutical Company

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It’s been nearly 2 weeks now and his family hadn’t heard a word. Were they wrong? Did they not understand the situation? Was this person not as important as they had believed him to be? He was tired of waiting. They had practically destroyed his entire family. The start of the hostile takeover of his parents’ pharmaceutical company was vicious and was only the beginning and had yet to stop or slow down. One of their family members company after another were falling like flies near a bug zapper and all anger was pointed at him. They had tried court injunctions to forestall the purchase of stock and tried to use the assault charges they had as a not so subtle way of forcing his family to drop the charges, but it was countered by asking for a court date to show cause for the attack. The attorneys for their side was quick to point out the vicious and continue acts on his part which was the emotional damage it had caused to his daughter that would give any father reason to think unreasonable. In other words, there was no father who loved his daughter deeply wouldn’t have done the same or worse. They also pointed out that this same person just happens to be the same man who was still trying to marry his daughter. They wanted an immediate ruling by a judge for their motion to have the whole situation ruled a domestic disturbance. His attorney stressed strongly that if this were too happened the best that would occur is a fine and a restraining order against her father.

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