The Battle Of The Civil War

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Fuller 4 Sean Fuller Mr. Bradford US History 24 October 2014 In 1861 the Civil War began, but the cause of the war began decades before with a societal struggle of slavery between North and South. The societal influences that lead up to the Civil War consisted of five distinct events, all intertwined with one another. The societal events began with the rise of Black churches, and led to abolitionists creating the Compromise of 1850, to fighting in Bleeding Kansas, to a ground-breaking Supreme Court ruling, and ultimately to armed abolitionists attempting to incite a slave rebellion. The rise of African American churches played a vital role in advancing the Civil War because it brought the issue of morality into the slavery debate. Created in protest, the Black church, prior to the Civil War represented the first occasion of Black rebellion among the secret churches of the slave community, and in the liberated Black churches in the North. Black congregations nurtured a sense of hope and self-expression, laying the basis of Black power and freedom. They understood that the “…Christian Gospel was a gospel of liberation … and … refused to accept an interpretation of Christianity that was unrelated to civil freedom.” (Westley 1). Northern church members Richard Allen and Absalom Jones created the first African American church by walking out of a Methodist Episcopal Church in protest due to the discrimination they had experienced. They started the African Methodist Episcopal

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