The Battle Of The Civil War

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On September 27th, 1864, Union forces, under the command of Brigadier General Alexander Asboth raided the small town of Marianna, FL. The battle will be virtually unknown in the history of the Civil War, but its success marked the longest successful incursion of Union troops into Florida (Cox, 2014). This raid had two goals; the first was to rescue the reported Union prisoners and the second was to liberate and enlist any slaves found along the route (Calvin, 2014). The prisoners were not located, but more than 600 slaves were liberated along their route (Cox, 2014). The subsequent battle did not last long, with minimal losses on both sides, but led to the decline of the Confederate stronghold in Jackson County.
Brigadier General Alexander Asboth commanded the Union controlled District of Western Florida, headquartered at Ft Barrancas, Pensacola. BG Ashbot gained a solid reputation from his previous service in Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee, before taking command (Patterson, 2005). After receiving intelligence from sympathetic southerners that Union prisoners were being held in Marianna, he quickly sets a plan into action to conduct a raid and rescue the individuals (Cox, 2014).
On the morning of September 18th, General Asboth set out with 700 men under his command, which consisted of the 2nd Maine Cavalry, 1st Florida Calvary, 82nd and 86th U.S. Colored Infantries (Calvin, 2014). They crossed the Pensacola Bay by ship and then moved across what is known

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