The Battle Of The War Essay

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A battle, rather a war, has many important factors that lead to it. Likewise during a war there are a variety of essential utilities used such as weapons, leadership, tactics, and numbers. What might not come to mind is the object that provided shelter, break time, medical care and more. The forts during the Civil War provided all of these things as they were the home away from home for soldiers. After experiencing all mother nature has to offer shelter was often all a soldier could want. Rest and relaxation are necessary for anyone to get through the day and as a soldier a little time to yourself would make a huge difference on the battlefield. Some of the greatest battles of the Civil War were fought at the forts and to this day they are a symbol of the battles fought. What the forts provided to soldiers would seem minor to some today, but in a war the battle is not always won through the big guns, heavy artillery, and sheer number. The insignificant things tend to make the big difference because they end of effecting the big picture as much as the most thought of was of winning. During the American Civil War the forts were of great significance because of the shelter they provided, leisure time, and their service as a battlefield.
The forts provided one of the three basic needs in life by granting shelter for the soldiers who often had to withstand the elements leading them to contest against sickness and was a boost in their overall attitude throughout their journeys.

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