The Beautiful City Of Detroit Tonight

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“We may be in the beautiful city of Detroit tonight, but our story begins in New York.” The appropriately tailored catch phrase, said at the beginning of every show, is barely audible; over the deafening screams of fifty thousand fans catching a glimpse of our main entertainer for the night. Everyone has something that they have decided, or has been decided for him or her, is their passion in life. A year ago if I was asked what my passion was I wouldn’t have said anything, I didn’t have a passion or something that really made me excited to live life. I’d rather sit in my room bouncing from one social media to another, gathering a platform of thousands of followers during it all. I was a die-hard fan for someone who I thought could really…show more content…
I always had loved Taylor Swift; but it was more of a closet case love since she was my brother and uncle’s main target in their jokes, but I was bound and determined to be her new biggest fan, so I could attend this concert. The news of the tour came in October, a time where I barely even talked to my parents; so the idea of asking them to take me across the state to a concert wasn’t even in question. After a month, while on better terms because we had just spent the weekend with my grandparents, I decided to toss the idea out there. “So you know who Taylor Swift is, well she is having a tour for her new album, and I’d like to go to it, plus Shawn Mendes will be her opening act, so it would be like my two favorite people in one concert, and I just think it’d be really enjoyable, and I can even pay for my own ticket, and make arrangements for it all.” I rambled out hoping that if I continue to talk they wouldn’t have the chance to turn down my proposition. The response devastated me “Who is Shawn Mendes?” asked my father completely forgetting the name of the person I always talked about and told them meant the world to me. My mother must have sensed the pain this caused me saying, “John, you know who he is. We will have to think about it, Brenna.” My negative mind immediately turned this into a “no” as I stomped away, shaking all the boxes laying out on the floor of my grandparents new
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