The Beauty And Personal Care Industry

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The Beauty and Personal care industry has shown moderate growth this year and it is projected to grow even stronger because of those with higher incomes will be in the market to trying to find the latest, innovated products and services to maintain their youth. The growth in this industry is projected to increase approximately 1% to 2% this year alone in a 24 billion dollar market. The beauty trend is to get the latest procedure or the latest product to enhance your features. Amour CEO has tasked the HRM department to plan their expansion by requiring them to start recruiting and selecting candidates, preparing training and development material for new hires, putting compensation package for new hires and the performance appraisal system that will be used to track the achievement of new hires. Provides a Clear and Concise Summary of the Business, Including Name, Industry, Number of People, and Other Relevant Facts Amour is still in its infant stage of growth but has the potential to secede many of her rivals. The company has grown considerably being it is only in its seven year existence and inception. The longevity of Amour will be based on the design and structure of the company that management implements in the expansion. The forecast for beauty and personal care is positive for the coming years. Average disposable incomes are expected to grow as the US economy continues to grow and unemployment rates decline. The higher incomes will allow more consumers to buy more

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