The Beauty of Fantasizing

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Have you ever considered how many people you have fantasized over during your life time? Every single human being has had a fantasy, regardless if they are in a relationship or not. In fact, we do it so much we do not realize the important day to day events. One main question is whether it is ethical to fantasize about someone other than your partner while in a committed relationship? The term fantasize has different meanings to different individuals. My definition of fantasizing is to envision doing inappropriate things to someone else. I believe that it is not ethical to fantasize about someone else while in a relationship. It always depends on the person and the type of relationship, as well as the reason behind the fantasy. Thus, it is important that we control our desires to create a healthy relationship. Fantasies create the feeling of pleasure which can easily be addicting. Taken to the extreme, this can have a negative effect on the relationship and mental health. More specifically, an individual can alienate themself from the real world and forget the real reason they are with their partner in the first place. Some individuals might think fantasizing is accepted while in a relationship due to its harmless nature. However, this “harmless” practice can easily become an addiction and lead to dishonest behavior among partners [2].In terms of Kohlberg’s theory, stage 5 demonstrates how all individuals in a good relationship must work together for the benefit of all
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