The Behavior Modification Project This Semester

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Overall, I really enjoyed doing the behavior modification project this semester. Originally I did not think I was going to be able to take much away from the project since I was not the one who was having a behavior modified, but surprisingly I was able to learn a lot from the project. After a while of watching and observing my partner, Karley, who was the participant in the project, have success with the stress management techniques, I decided to apply some of the techniques to my life as well. Even if it wasn’t part of the project, I still felt I could benefit from the techniques. One of the first ways that I benefited was through observation of Karley’s progress. Since I was not actively doing the assignment, my participation mostly was to help make sure Karley was ok with everything she was doing and to help keep on her track. Throughout the process, I didn’t really look at the specific results that Karley was obtaining from the SUDs scale and the BHM-20. My role was to support Karley and see how she felt her progress was going. A little ways into the project, I noticed that Karley seemed less stressed about academics. We are in a couple similar courses this semester and as such have similar assignments to do and similar tests to take. However when I would talk to Karley about them, she wouldn’t be as stresses about them as I was. More importantly, she was less stressed about things than she had been earlier in the semester. After observing some positive…
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