The Behavior Of Bernardino Macapaz

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With due respect, further to my previous report dated 2nd September 2016 regarding the rudeness and unprofessional behaviour of Bernardino Macapaz (Bernie) one of the Quality Control in Macdon, I wanted to inform you that his unwanted behaviour has not changed despite the counseling from the Human Resources Department. Just like the incidents I have mentioned in my previous report, after I finished a certain job he will abuse his authority as a QC and do everything just to reject or put a red tag on my work, even just for minor reasons in order to harass, humiliate and give me a hard time when I’m working on the floor The following incidents I will mention in this report will clearly justify his act of retaliation by abusing his authority as a QC During the 2weeks period of September 19-30, 2016 when he was the QC in charge in our workplace area. On September 20, 2016 I was working on Support-Cab LH Rear. Out of 50pcs materials, 41 were made by the morning shift and 9pcs were made by myself. When I finished the job Jonathan Woo, who was the Charge Hand that week sent those materials to Bernie for QC stamp, but Bernie rejected them. He informed Jonathan that he will put a red tag on them because of a small weld. Jonathan was surprised because the weld are not that really small and most of those materials are good. So, Jonathan told Bernie that there were only 9pcs out of 50pcs that Joseph welded on this work order because 41pcs were made by the morning shift. Jonathan

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