The Benefit Of Omitting Animal Products

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The Benefit of Omitting Animal Products Americans, as well as others throughout the world, consume meat, dairy, and eggs practically every day. Because using animal products is a constant, most people are not prompted to ask the question, “why?” The behaviors of eating a burger, using makeup that was tested on animals, and buying products made from leather and fur, are deeply ingrained into cultures in varying geographical locations, including the United States. Humans are creatures of habit, and often don’t sway from the “normal” way of life, because is known and comfortable. Staying within comfort zones, inhibits people from learning and growing. Unfortunately, individuals’ health, the environment, and innocent animals all suffer injurious consequences when a person makes the decision to buy the flesh, fur, skin, and by-products of animals. Our one and only Earth is impacted significantly by our seemingly arbitrary daily choices. Animal agriculture is the main contributor to global warming. Water is not an unlimited source, and coincidentally is necessary for all living beings to survive. Animals in the agriculture industry require a substantial amount of water to live and produce meat and other superfluous animal products. Ironically, humans have constructed a sense of normalcy around the idea of using water, a scarcely expendable source, in an exponentially wasteful manner. Humans are unconsciously sabotaging every living being, through the destruction of earth. Often
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