Cell Phones For Education?

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Cell phones for Education? Cell Phones - extremely useful tools for anyone and has been since the start of its development. They can be used for everything with incredible speed and are also incredibly portable! However, that is can be dreadful. Though cell phones are obviously useful and can are awesome tools, they provide a multifold of distractions to the class. Consequently, being that cell phones have a ton of functionalities, people will quickly become distracted by virtue of using cell phones for non educational purposes. This paper is to answer the question, Can Cell phones Be Educational tools? People use cell phones on the grounds that it’s portable as well as its high amount of functions and speed. Unlike a computer, which takes a long time to log on and open a web browser, this logs on with a swipe and touch to access the internet. This means that you will have the ability to execute something quickly before you forget it. Unfortunately, this feature can be freely used for the wrong purposes. It’s size and quick speed will mean that someone can simply finish something non-productive extremely quickly without a teacher noticing. Consequently, it will mean that they will not be listening and no one is going to give a care. Cell phones are an incredibly educational tool only if used properly. Furthermore, they are an helpful and harmful in numberless amounts of ways. Therefore, what decides if cell phones are educational tools depends on you, the user. In

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