The Benefits Of Lunches And Dinners In School

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All kids that grow up in bad neighborhoods usually grow up around gangs and drugs. This program would be designed to help get kids off the streets and give them something to do in their free time. Now as this program is for children in need we will provide transportation, as needed, to and from the rehearsal area. We would also provide lunches/dinners for all the kids in the program. The reason why we would provide lunches and dinners is that a lot of kids in need only ever get nutritious meals at school and nowhere else. We would provide a summer play/class that would be 3 days a week from 12-5 pm for half of the summer, a fall play that would be 2 days a week from 5-8 pm, and a spring play, that would be 2 days a week from 4:30-6pm. We …show more content…

We plan to use sports as another program down the road. We understand that some kid’s interests may not be in acting, art, or music. If any kids were involved in any sports and it interfered with the program that would be perfectly fine, we would just require proof that they were at a game or practice during classes. Now this does sound like we want to force them to be in the program, but we are not. We would like them off the streets and if kids that like the “hood life” so called, thought they could get away with sneaking away doing not so smart things and just come back the next day saying they were at practice, they would probably do that. That is what we would want to prevent. As the programs suggest this requires commitment. Without that from the kids we will be left with a huge hole in our pockets. To stop kids from not committing to doing anything in the programs we will require them to help with at least ever other fundraiser we do. We would also ask the parents to help their kids stay committed. Our final solution if this became an issue is to have $50 fee for entry into the program. This sounds absurd due to it being a program for kids in need, but it will not be required for entry. It would be a fee that the kids would need to work off. Other words we would waive off a certain amount of money of that fee after the kid would help with a fundraiser. Another way we would have them waive it off is to go around the area we would be using and

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