The Benefits Of Standardized Education

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The thing is, the US is trying to hard to compete with the rest of the world, as if proving that their citizens are better than others. So rather than having a positive and beneficial learning standard, students are forced to try to learn difficult standardized information because they need to make the US look good.our educational system giving young adults and children detrimental information that they will never use. The US only cares about numbers and looking well, not what the next generation is learning. Standardized and common core learning doesn't give any sort of reason for learning any information, and deals only with the standards of further standardized schooling. Change isn't easy, but it has to be done in order to continue improving …show more content…

It is literally socially acceptable to hate math. The majority of Americans hate math openly, and the system still drives to push them into the mold despite their noncompliance and resistance. Of course it is illegal for a child to not go to school in the lovely United States of America. It is a must for all these people to learn this subject in order to please colleges, and the few that use it in their career had no need for many other subjects. The system continues to press students into this mold how they like without the consent of the individual or parent since it is illegal to not comply anyway.
The system came to exist through ease of implementation, and now exists to make students please the system and higher schools, not learn valuable things. It was very easy to implement a standard at a national scale to make sure that students are at least learning something, but that's not good enough. Everyone needs to be actively engaged in improving the education of our next generation. They do not need to be pushed into the mold that we are. The argument isn't whether in person or online school is more important, because the only problem is standardized and common core

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