The Benefits Of The Humane Society

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The Humane Society began in America in 1954 with the goal of ending animal cruelty. The multiple founders were trying to save many animals and get society to end abuse to animals. A question often appearing what will be done with these animals in the shelter. Research has been done proving the help of pets in therapy homes or a support for the mentally ill. Humane Society's play many roles in the community as it not only holds the animals that have no homes, it offers a place for community members to give back and volunteer. Giving your time to an organization like this has proved to be beneficial as people see how good they really have it, and it brings out the go good, feel good in an everyday person.

Humane Society popularity has been growing rapidly in the past decade, but the nation as a whole does not know enough. The benefit that the humane society plays in society is large, as they keep animals off the streets and alive, but also gives community members an opportunity to volunteer. These animals reported usually are friendly and can help in society as therapy dogs or just an everyday pet. The benefits of the Humane Society are abundant and the founder had a great cause. The Humane Society of the United States has been around since 1954 and has made a big impact on the United States in fighting animal cruelty. The founders of the humane society founded the program on the foundation of animal protection. Their beliefs from the beginning were to “seeking

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