The Benefits Of Vegetarianism : The World 's Outcry For Meat Eating

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The Benefits of Vegetarianism: The World’s Outcry for an End to Meat Eating

For many people, meat is a scrumptious food that offers many benefits to one’s health. It offers many nutrients such as proteins and essential fatty acids, while also being more readily available than ever before. Consequently, over 101.1 kilograms of meat is consumed per person every year in developed countries as a result (Clarke, 4). It is clear that meat is a very popular food, and that is no surprise considering our ancestry. However, on the flipside, it is important to consider the benefits of the complete opposite lifestyle: vegetarianism. Vegetarianism offers a wealth of unforeseen benefits that can not only benefit the individual, but the entire planet as well. Through these benefits, vegetarians around the world are either inadvertently or intentionally improving the quality of life for every organism. Yet the question still remains: if there are so many supposed benefits to vegetarianism, why do vegetarians make up less than five percent of the population? (Crnie, 1134). To begin, vegetarianism provides great betterment to an individual’s health and lifestyle. Meat eating in itself is an interesting paradox. Most people claim to love animals, as evidenced by the popularity of dogs, cats and other pets, as well as the outcry to protect endangered species. However, the cow in comparison is seen as little more than a medium to obtain milk and beef from the grocery store. Vegetarians are

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