The Benefits Of Wearable Devices

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Smartwatches are ever evolving and aiming to transform various spectres of technology and applications. They are not just a high-tech fashion accessory for millennials, or the next wave of mobile devices for on-the-go consumers. For example, Reemo is currently planning a solution which provides assistive tech to seniors. By using both Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and SmartThings connected home technology; Reemo helps seniors to perform daily household tasks within couple of seconds. By simple hand gestures, for example, users can turn on/off lights, lock/unlock, thermostats, televisions and smart appliances [1]. Innovative software developers are balancing to create solutions with sophisticated sensors in wearable devices that help people …show more content…

Operating systems (OS) for wearable, In contrast, develop much slowly. They are often feature rebuit, watch-friendly user interfaces (UI) while revisiting most of the core components from hand-held compatibility and engineering ease. There was neither a set of guidelines for wearable OS design nor a clear understanding of how such a design choice impacts wearable efficiency [5] [6] [7].

Every smart device is built with a compass that helps the user to view direction. We all know that the function of compass by use of magnetism gives right direction with respect to the north-south pole of earth. But due to intervention in communication, smartphones don’t use magnet as component in compass sensor but it rather employ new technology which similarly work like conventional compass. The sensor can calculate the orientation and direction smart device by using ultra-low frequency signal coming from specific direction like North or South and with the help of accelerometer. This can be possible by using 'Hall effect'. Thus, by using multiple sensors across multiple orientations and using disk/magnetic concentrator (with high permeability material) which curve the lines of magnetic field that are parallel to the plane of sensor, plane that can be attained [8].

Gyroscopes become the more expanding micro sensors for measuring angular velocity in recent years due to its compact size,

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