The Benefits Of Wind Power

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With the understanding that quantities of fossil fuels are depleting, consumers and power producers talk about the benefits of wind power. While there are a few positive things about wind energy, their negative aspects outweigh the good qualities. Negative aspects such as inefficiency, poor location, size, and demanding upkeep hinder wind power from expanding. With all of the undesirable traits of wind power there is no reason for researchers, and engineers to continue investing time, money, and energy into harvesting wind power. Wind power has been harnessed as an energy source long before it was developed to produce electricity. During the Industrial Revolution, wind power was used to, “pump water, grind grain, saw lumber, and even turn carousels”(Chamberlain). With this being said, people now had easier lives due to the expansion and mechanisation of wind. These tasks also led to fewer jobs, as machines could now take the place of laborers in these businesses and even slaves or indentured servants. Before wind power was used in this form, water was the driving force behind these types of mechanisms. With wind being able to be used, sawmills, and other businesses could now be located in different areas, since they were now not reliant of the current of a river. The development did not stop at that. According to Fritz, Moses Farmer, an electrical engineer, developed a generator that produced power from windmills in 1860(1). The developments to continued

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