Why Are Berlin School Films Worth Watching

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The Berlin School Films Are Worth Watching Many Hollywood movies are obvious about the direction the film is going to go. Plots are usually straightforward in the sense that the goals of the protagonists are clear, and there is a linear progression towards their objectives after each overcome obstacle. To have the audience absorbed into the world of the movie is the ambition. If the audience is captivated, then most likely they will think that the movie was good. The Berlin School challenges the conventional approaches to film making. Films from this school try to prove that movies can be well received without adhering to pre-established techniques. The way the limits are tested is by exploring the character’s motives, the means they use to satiate those desires, and why. To do this Berlin school films implement characters with complexity. Meaning that the characters have a series of layers of emotions and thoughts that are often conflicting with each other. These thoughts and emotions are going to be withheld from us though. Therefore, the audience is delegated the task of interpreting sometimes subtle hints from dialogue, facial expressions, the setting, and events to inference why things are happening, rather than only what is happening. The viewers take on the role of detached observers. As a result, the character’s interactions with the world, now whilst considering their motives) becomes the plot device of choice. A downfall to this demanding approach is the potential

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